...andito lang ako, pag walang magawa at nagsisiksik sa aking utak ang mga kung anu-anong saloobin, kwento, alaala o kung anu mang maisip isulat. meron ding naiisingit na hindi ko orihinal, katuwaan lamang...tara na...kwentuhan tayo.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


meron akong nadaanang pahina sa facebook na napaka sweet ang mga notes and dedications sa kani-kanilang mga maybahay o wife. halika silipin natin ang mga nakaka antig na kataga at makabagbag damdaming tribyut ng mga husbands.
inalis ko na lang ang mga pangalan. yung iba merong piktyur...ok na rin naman i paskel dito. pahiram po!

1.) To my fiance , Soon, we will be sharing a love that is so great it cannot be explained by any language in the universe… I promise you that my heart will only be devoted to you. I want to express all my love and my feelings to you, but even eternity is not sufficient enough for me to convey it because of its immensity… I wish I have the power to control time, because if I could only have all the time the world, I purely want to spend all of it with you… “I love you” may already sound cliché, but these 3 words is the best explanation of how I truly feel for you… I will never get tired of this feeling and I will remain on loving you till time ends… This heart of mine that I will give to you on our especial day will surely beats endlessly and it will only beat for you…

March 26, 2011 will be the beginning of our everlasting love, and I want to thank you for accepting me in your life…


I will forever be in love with you…

2.) I don't care what everybody think or say. I don't need to protect my credibility just to look good. I'm for real and I'll do whatever it takes just to be with you and my kids. Now I understand how LOVE and SACRIFICE works together and this won't make any sense without you. All my ambitions includes you so my Life is meaningless without my MINAMS (Minamahal). I'm good as dead not to be with you... Dead and I will be a unique zombie... a zombie that does not crave for brains... I'll always be craving for your heart. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND DEATH WONT STOP ME FROM LOVING YOu


a life without.. a love without.. ocean apart.. million miles away..

a life of far away.. always longing.. but not forgotten..

YOU make me believe.. that someday..

even sea will forbid.. OUR love..

ME to see.. will ever be..


the happiest moment of my life was the time you said i do. it's been a year since we got married, there were ups and there were downs, but never did i doubt the love that we share. a love that came from you, a love that came from me, and a love that was matched by God. every morning of everyday i thank God for making me wake up to a wonderful woman beside me that loves me to the max, and whom i can just stare for hours without blinking to see how blessed i am to have you as my wife! hannah i love you so much until the day after forever.


To the one who made me who I am today, i know we go through rough roads in our life, but always remember that I will always be here to be with you.. i will never leave you, i will never replace you.. you are the soul of my body, the light in my darkness, the one i turn to when i have problems.. i love you, and i am always thankful for being with me... i love you till the end


To the best of my life,your the most important person who shared my ups and downs.Your the best one that God had given me.I love you very much and nothing can ever replace you here in my heart.You have given me joy and making me laugh all the time.I will be here for you..............forever.

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